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One of the facts of life is that it is unpredictable. There is no way that you can predict what will happen in the future. For example you cannot know when you will die. You can die by accident or you can die by sickness. You may also die by old age which is what most people will prefer.


In life there are many things that can be unpredictable. One of those things is a calamity. There are many natural causes of calamities. For example you can have an earthquake in your area. This may be more possible if you are living in an earthquake-prone area. You may also experience flooding brought on by a hurricane. Another thing that can happen is you might experience a tornado passing by in your place.


These occurrences are normally unpredictable but you can do something to prepare for them. For example you can choose to have a survival and emergency kit prepared in your home. How do you know what things you need for this? Well you can easily search for that online at There you can easily find information detailing on what are the basic things that you need to prepare in situations of survival and emergency. That is what you can do. In fact there are actually many people now who are doing such thing. They are preparing such kits in their homes in order to be prepared should a disaster strike in their area.


Now some of the things that you can find there are the basic things. Let us look at some of these basic things. Well for one it would include food that may be good for some days. Canned food is what people buy and store for emergency situations. This is because canned food has a long shelf-life and is easy to store too. The amount of food that you will buy will of course depend on the duration of survival mode you are preparing for. For example you can prepare for two weeks. There are others who prepare for a few months. Know more about survival kits in


Another basic thing that you need to prepare is light source. This could be as simple as a flashlight or an emergency light at In case of an emergency there might be a blackout so you need to have a source of light as back-up. Actually the things that you need to prepare can be easily bought.